United Muslim Association of Hong Kong

Instructions to Mr. S.J.Raghbi regarding the entire United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH) and especially about the Sheung Shui Mosque Project given by the Founder and Chairman (late) Mr. Mohamed Alli Din during the last days of his life.
2016 Award by C.E of HKSAR to Mr. S.J.RAGHBI
His Excellency Clifford A. Hart, jr. Consul General of the United States of America to Hong Kong & Macau, visit to UMAH International Primary School of the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong “UMAH” on 3rd April 2014.

United Muslim Association of Hong Kong "UMAH"

Welcome to UMAH

Thank you for visiting the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH). Please take time to read about our ongoing services and projects.

Your support, together with our growing community will help make these projects a success.

 Our Home for the Elderly

The Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care andAttention Home Can Extend Your Love To Them

We love our grandparents, our elderly, our old folks, there is no doubt about that. But there comes a time in our lives when we are faced with a decision that calls for a practical solution.

The reasons may vary from people to people but what matters in the end is to whom we can entrust our beloved elderly.

The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong has established the Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home so that you can extend your love to your grandparents or old folks through our services and facilities.

Our old age home cares for the elderly like family and watching over them is but natural and selfless.

Don’t let housing or financial burdens trouble you. The Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home will provide a place of comfort for your loved ones and provide them with utmost care so they can carry on and still enjoy life.

Our Home will provide an ambience that will ward off depression and give them a feeling of purpose and belongingness as we immerse them in wholesome and worthwhile activities that foster a sense of community among their peers.

From comfortable accommodation to nutritious meals, the Home covers all areas of concern to make your elders feel at truly at home.

Inquire now at Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home and learn how you can extend we can extend your love to them.

 Our Objectives

To offer residential care to people aged 60 or over, weak with deteriorating health, who have a housing need and or posses one of the following social need:

No family members living in Hong Kong.

Cannot get along with family members.

Unable to obtain adequate care from family members.

Suffering from insecurity and with a need for supervision, which is available only in a residential setting.

Physically and mentally suitable for communal living.

 Services Provided

Regular visits to residents by Geriatric Doctors.

 Nursing care such as dressing, medication and injection etc.

Personal care such as bathing, feeding, lifting in and out of beds / wheelchairs etc.

Healthy Nutritious Meals.


Social, recreational and educational activities provided to develop their potential to promote a family atmosphere and to enhance mutual support among residents

Our School

Learn in an English language school and have fun while studying

For years now UMAH International Primary School has continued to produce graduates who excel in academics and are sociable and highly confident individuals.

 With our English language program, students are taught good and effective communication skills by our well-trained faculty. The students not only learn inside the classroom but they also interact with our multi-racial community in a fun exchange of cultural backgrounds through special presentations and events.

 Learning at UMAH International Primary School is indeed a colorful and unforgettable experience for your children.

 If you want affordable yet quality education for your children, enroll now at UMAH International Primary School and give your children the opportunity to learn English and all other arts and science subjects while teaching them to be confident and moral individuals.

 Academic Programs 


For Primary 1 to 6



General Studies (Science)

Arts and Crafts

Physical Education



Urdu/ Arabic (0ptional)


As an institution run and managed by a Muslim Organization, all Muslim Students enrolled in our school are required to attend the Friday Prayer every Friday and Zuhar prayer every school days. Arabic class is offered optional to Muslim students.


Reading Clinic – Given to some Primary level students recommended by a Reading / Language teacher.

Math Remedial Program – Given to some students who need help in Math as identified by their Math teacher.

 Brief History and Requirements

Brief History

The UMAH International Primary School is sponsored by the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong. It was started in 1996 under the initiative and leadership of (late) Mr. Mohamed Alli Din, Chairman.

 As an International School, it caters to different Nationality, Colour and Religion. The medium of instruction is English. Within its scope, it has chosen to specialize secondary preparatory training of its pupils and its curriculum mediates between Kindergarten and Secondary.

Mission Statement

The UMAH International Primary School’s basic goal is to inculcate Virtues and Values that could mold the pupil to be God-fearing individuals and develop a sense of responsibility and genuine concern for his or her family and community.

 Our school directs the pupil’s thoughts and actions toward the development of their identity and help them become aware and understand the true value of responsibility, sharing, sensitivity, unity and brotherhood.

Admission Requirements

For new students / transferees, the applicant must secure and submit to the principal’s office the following:

Birth Certificate

Travel Documents (Passport)

Immunization Card

Report Card from School Last Attended

Photo (ID Size) 5 pcs.

 Our Mosque

The Prophet Mohammad (swt) said:

"Whoever built the Mosque, with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah would build for him similar in paradise."

 “If soft water can wear away hard rock by its persistence during many years, surely I can overcome all my difficulties by perseverance and tolerance,” said (late)Mohamed Alli Din, Chairman of the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH).

 The gifted virtues and wisdom from Almighty Allah and by steady and untiring work made him succeed in his mission in acquiring a piece of land in the New Territories where the first and only Mosque and Islamic Centre will be built for the Muslim Community after 156 years without a place of worship nearby.

Statistics reveal that there are 200,000 ethnic minority Muslims in Hong Kong but only 5 Mosques were built during the British Regime. Four Mosques can be found in Hong Kong Island and one in Kowloon Peninsula. Not one exists in the New Territories.

UMAH’s vision is history-in-the-making as it aspires to be the first Mosque and Islamic Centre to be built in the New Territories, and the first Mosque to be put up after the return of Hong Kong to China. And so the challenge begins.

 Brief History

The saga started in 1990, when the Incorporated Trustees of Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong made its preliminary inquiries as to the possibilities of constructing a Mosque with recreational facilities at D.D. 51, Tin Sum Village, Fanling, New Territories. This piece of land which is on top of the hill was offered to the Board of Trustees by its owner (late) Mr. Mohamed Alli Din. The Board of Trustees went up to Mr. Din’s place and were pleased with the Site because of its serene ambience. However, in 1993, after two and a half years of waiting, the Hong Kong government did not support the proposal of the Trustees because of the strong objection from the local community. The location of the proposed Mosque apparently did not blend well with the “Sheung Shui” because of the existing Taoist Temple in the vicinity. After the HK Government denied the proposal, the Trustees dropped the matter and did not bother to follow up.

 Land Granted!

Despite two failed attempts, UMAH did not lose its hope since its “Niyat” is to serve Allah, build a House for Allah and implant a landmark of Islam in the New Territories. In 15th December 1997 the site search was completed and a piece of land located in Sheung Shui-Fanling New Town, Area 6-B in New Territories was identified for the proposed Mosque and Islamic Centre.

After the piece of land was identified, (late) Mr. Mohamed Alli Din realized that there are many people in Hong Kong who are ignorant about Islam, and who are discriminating the religion and insulting the Ethnic Muslims. Articles against Islam and Ethnic Muslims were flowing in local newspapers and Mr. Din faced and answered all critics as well as the local and international media interviews about the existing racial and religious discrimination in Hong Kong.

Residents living near the proposed site reacted to the design including the minaret of the Mosque.

Having finally conceding to certain demands of these residents to pacify their objections by notably altering the design of the Mosque Minaret, the internal audio system, etc. Their objections were ultimately over-ruled by the Lands Department.

 Finally, the grant was approved and the lease of this land was executed on 23rd April 2006 under these primary conditions.

Area involved: 2,046 sq M

Lease Term: 50 years from the date of Agreement

Premium: HK$9.35 Million – with 10% deposit Payable upon acceptance of the stipulated terms.

Administration Fee: $84,500

Completion of project: 60 months from the date of Agreement

Contact Us

                         United Muslim Association of Hong Kong

 Rm. 223, Oi Yee House, Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR,

 Mailing Address:  P.O.Box 399, Yuen Long Delivery Post Office, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China.

Phone Number: +(852)26183172 / 24505401

Fax Number: (852)30073602

Email: umahdin@umahhk.com



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