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P.O.Box 399, Yuen Long Delivery Post Office, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China

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 (852)-26183172  / 24505401 
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Latest comments

Yesterday | 17:37

Can you please tell me which country are you because I want to visit and I am a traveler I love to travel around Asia and I am going to give a visit to Honglong

Yesterday | 17:32

Nice photos guys and i am also planing to go on a field trip and is want you to tell me some of the most famous and interesting places And which school is this

23.05 | 08:55

Dear sir/madam
I m living in Hong Kong n I hv done my masters n B.ed.
So I want to know,is there any place where i can serve.
Best regards

18.05 | 20:07

What are the tuition fee for 1st and 4th grade?

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